Zachary's Photo Album

Zachary was born on 07-29-96.  He was 3 weeks early, but  
3 years, 3 months, and 3 days after his big sister Jessica 
was born.  You can tell his Mom was a Math teacher!

Updated: 04/01/2000 (Seriously!)

In reverse chronological order...


Not much for Y2K, but it's a start...

Zach hanging out with his best girl. thumbnail [New]

(Feb 2000; 33K)


The family photo at JC Pennys. thumbnail [New]

(11/15/99; 69K)

Stylin' the spike hair-do. thumbnail [New]

(11/99; 16K)

Grandpa got him a cool programmable car for Christmas. thumbnail [New]

(11/99; 32K)

The kids pay a visit to the mall Santa. thumbnail [New]

(12/99; 38K)

Flying in the pool. thumbnail [New]

(06/99; 18K)

The kids visit the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. thumbnail [New]

(05/99; 30K)

The kids with the Easter Bunny. thumbnail [New]

(04/99; 49K)


Zachary's 1998 birthday photo. thumbnail [New]

(7/98; 44K)

Halloween 1998:

(10/98; 48K)

  • hanging out on top of the haystack. thumbnail [New]

    (10/98; 58K)
  • and finally got them herded into a cage thumbnail [New]

    (10/98; 60K)


    The official Christmas 97 picture. thumbnail

    (12/7/97; 7K)

    Getting ready for Halloween 97! thumbnail

    (10/31/97; 10K + 17K + 14K)

    Playing in the fall leaves. thumbnail

    (10/26/97; 14K)

    Three pictures for Easter. thumbnail

    (3/25/97; 35K + 29K + 34K)


    A close-up of his little head. thumbnail

    (7/30/96; 11K)

    Zachary with the Mom. thumbnail

    (7/30/96; 38K)

    Zachary with the Dad. thumbnail

    (7/30/96; 56K)

    And of course, Zachary with the Mom & Dad. thumbnail

    (7/30/96; 33K)

    Zachary's admiring grandparents. thumbnail

    (7/30/96; 44K)

    Time to meet the big sister. thumbnail

    (7/30/96; 36 + 41 + 32K)

    Zachary's first picture. 1