Y2K Pictures

We had some camera difficulties this year, so 
there isn't much here to show.  Reverse Chronological order...

Updated: 12/21/00 16:00 PST

The annual family Christmas portrait. thumbnail [New]

(12/00; 35K)

The annual family Christmas portrait where Jessica appears to have grown rapidly and Clifford gets in on the act. thumbnail [New]

(12/00; 32K)

Jessica is inducted into the Brownie Girl Scouts. thumbnail [New]

(11/00; 17K)

Ready for some Halloween fun! thumbnail [New]

(10/31/00; 14K)

Jessica's 2nd grade school picture. thumbnail [New]

(09/00; 42K)

Zachary dresses up for Western Days at Challenger School. thumbnail [New]

(09/00; 22K)

Zachary's first day at Challenger School. thumbnail [New]

(9/00; 19K)

Zachary and his friend Jessie enjoy homemade snow cones. thumbnail [New]

(8/00; 8K)

Jessica and her friend Caroline dress up in their fairy outfits. thumbnail [New]

(8/00; 21K)

Jessica's 1st day of school. thumbnail [New]

(08/24/00; 9K)

Circus Soozee and Popcorn (the dog) come to visit Zachary at his 4th birthday party. thumbnail [New]

See Circus Soozee's web site for more info.

(07/29/00; 94K)

Watching a show at an art festival. thumbnail [New]

(5/00; 34K)

Hanging out in the back of Uncle Dave's Van while camping at Big Sur. thumbnail [New]

(5/29/00; 38K)

Christmas at Uncle Dave and Aunt Jill's house. thumbnail [New]

(12/99; 68K) 1