Pictures from 2002

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Updated: 12/23/02 21:00 PST


The family Christmas photo. thumbnail

It just wouldn't be Christmas without the family photo. Here we are posing as giants who are taller than the trees, and whose shadows are visible in the sky.



Jessica's school photo. thumbnail

They really came out nice this year.


Zachary's school photo. thumbnail

Zachary lost both his front teeth a few months back. I know what song is going through your head, but no, actually he wants a few more things for Christmas this year than that!



Jessica and Diane got to go on a field trip to the Monterey Bay Acquarium. thumbnail

Yes, she is our pearl!

A link to the Acquarium website. Check out the live feed Kelp Cam. (but don't forget to come back!)



The kids at home just before heading out for the first day of school. thumbnail

Jessica is in 4th grade this year, and Zachary is in 1st grade.


Jessica has Mr. Blaker and she really likes him. thumbnail

The class is a 4th/5th split class which she enjoys.


Zachary has Ms. Keith for 1st grade, who is also very nice. thumbnail

Bet ya' can't do that with your feet! That's one of his friends (Luke) standing behind him.



Time for the annual end-of-summer, before-school-starts Santa Cruz fling. thumbnail

Wouldn't it be great to be a kid and be able to walk on water?!


Chasing the waves in Monterey Bay. thumbnail

It was actually pretty calm that day, and we didn't even bother trying the boogie board. But burying your feet in the sand is always a hit.


It's sand castle time. thumbnail

We like to build them just a few feet away from the waves, and wait for the tide to come in, and try in futility to repair the damage before it is completely knocked down! We haven't won this game yet. :-)



Playing at Weddell State Beach. thumbnail

Jessica attended Girl Scout (Horseback riding) camp this summer and it was out along the coast, so we figured we should stop and enjoy the beach when we went to check it out. :-)


Both the kids love the wave chasing game. thumbnail

It was pretty chilly that day, but that didn't stop the brave ones in the family from hitting the surf!


We were amazed by the kite surfers out there. thumbnail

These guys are out there on what looks like snowboards, and are holding on to huge kites. They surf around and then pull themselves up on the kite, and are easily getting 25-30 feet up in the air. I think we counted 15 of them at one point. They are really fun to watch especially when they do flips and other tricks.



The 2nd annual Leon family reunion and camping trip.

Pictures are on my Dad's website.

Does the format look familiar? ;-)

Walking across the Golden Gate bridge. thumbnail

Jessica graduated from Brownies to Girl Scouts, and the troop and families walked across the bridge for the ceremony. It was a very fun day.



The 3rd annual Big Sur camping trip.


It was a bit chilly on Memorial Day weekend this year, so it was nice to warm up around the fire!


When you don't live in the snow, ya' have to settle for sledding down the sand dunes!


Wow, burying the kids in the sand sure makes them look taller!


Floating and relaxing down the river. Fortunately, Diane's brother (Dave) was up on the bridge to stop the group of kids from soaking us with water balloons!


This is the first trip where we brought all the bikes, and that was a huge hit.


Man, was he exhausted after rolling this thing into place!


Dad and Jess posing in front of one of the giants that survived a fire.


After succesfully hiking up to Pfeiffer falls in Big Sur State Park.



Jessica celebrated her 9th birthday this year. thumbnail

and a cake-smash-in-the-face trend broke out. Mmmmm.... chocolate!


Diane helped organize the Easter Egg hunt in our neighborhood.


Jess and her best friend Caroline checkin' out the loot.


Zachary being followed closely by his friend Luke. Looks like Zach has started the tough job of taste-testing the treasure.


A couple of Easter Bunnies...


Dad, check out this haul - it's gonna last me until Halloween!


Knockin' down a few pins with grandpa MacAfee. thumbnail

We drove out to Yuma, Arizona to visit Diane's Dad and had a great time swimming, bowling, and just relaxing in the beautiful weather. Too bad this picture isn't more clear, or you would see the amazing amount of strikes and spares we all got up on those monitors - next stop, Pro Bowlers Tour. ;-)


On the way back from AZ, we had a fun-filled stop at LegoLand


Zach really is a Lego Maniac! He enjoys making up games with them more than he actually likes building them.


Jessica gets ready to set sail for a 3 minute tour.


Well, at least Zachary made it back safely!



They had a really cool track setup there where the kids could just drive around freely.


They even let Zachary earn his license even though he was a few months short of the age requirement.


This space left blank intentionally :-)


Zachary's first year in T-Ball. thumbnail

Yeah, the helmet was a tad too big!


Admiring the trophy after a tough season. thumbnail

I think we're looking forward to Spring again, but this time around, there will be no "T"!



What's this... a snowman in California?! thumbnail

Yeah, but ya' gotta' drive a little ways. This was our 3rd annual trip to the snow during the kid's winter break.


Yup, Dad got in on the action too. thumbnail

Mom even planned ahead and brought a carrot on the trip just for this occasion!


Of course, no snow trip is complete without hitting the slopes! thumbnail

This was a small hill that a snow plow had left behind and the kids had tons of fun on it. That is Zachary standing on top. Dad wasn't so lucky - he lost his footing and slid down that ridge in the middle and had a bruised tailbone for about the next six months!



Hmmm... can't seem to find any pictures from January!