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Updated: 12/29/01 22:30 PST


The family Christmas photo. thumbnail coming soon

It just wouldn't be Christmas without the family photo.



Taking the dog for a walk in his stylish new raincoat! thumbnail coming soon

The kids thought Rocky's new raincoat was pretty cool, and couldn't wait to try it out.



Well, we took video at Halloween, but it looks like we forgot to take any pictures! Maybe the film is still in the camera. ;-)


First day of school. thumbnail coming soon

Zachary really does look up to his big sister!


Zachary's official school picture. thumbnail coming soon

The photographer was pretty good and was able to make the kids laugh so we are happy with both of their school pictures this year.



Jessica getting ready to go in for her first day of school. thumbnail


She really likes her teacher this year.

Zachary getting ready to go in for his first day of school. thumbnail


It took a little getting used to for him to leave Mom, but after a few weeks, he was fine with letting go, and havin' a blast at School.

Havin' a ball at Soccer! thumbnail coming soon


One of the neighbor friends (Luke) got Zachary into Soccer and they had a blast together. Every Sat morning Luke would ring our doorbell to cooridnate which color team they would be on that day. They would play together after practice, so it made for a fun day.

Sports camp was a blast! thumbnail coming soon


Near the end of the summer, Zachary was in "SkyHawks" which was a sports camp. He had a great time playing basketball, soccer, hockey, etc...

Getting ready for some biking. thumbnail coming soon


Jessica learned to ride her bike this summer and can't get enough of it!

Zachary's turn to take the picture. thumbnail coming soon


The kids each got a disposable camera as a present and had a great time taking their own pictures.

Jessica has a twin doll complete with matching outfits. Here, Jessica and her doll model the outfits for us...










Don't ask me - I wasn't there! (19K)

Rocky loves to play ball. thumbnail

One time I wanted to see how long he would go before tiring. After an hour, I gave up and conceeded victory to him!


It's a silly family! thumbnail

The kids tell me that Grandpa Leon is even sillier than me, but it is a close contest!


More silly fun. thumbnail coming soon

With Zachary behind the camera



Zachary on his 5th birthday. thumbnail coming soon

We decorated the clubhouse before the party began.


No party is complete without Musical Chairs. thumbnail coming soon


Snap Dragon put on a great show for the party. thumbnail coming soon

This one-man-show was quite entertaining for the kids and adults.


Zachary's birthday party ended at the pool. thumbnail coming soon

What - you didn't know that you have the power to walk on water on your birthday?


A bunch of the kids that were having fun at the pool party. thumbnail coming soon

Zachary is less than a year older than the three younger girls there - yeah, he's pretty tall for his age.



Aye, Aye Captain! thumbnail coming soon

The kids hung out on the playground for a bit after Zachary's spring program at Challenger school.


Hanging out in the Sandbox with your best friend on a lazy summer afternoon. thumbnail coming soon

Now that's the life!


A UFO sighting in our own backyard? thumbnail coming soon

Look near the top, middle. Notice that gray shadow near the tree?


A closeup as it tried to zoom away. thumbnail coming soon

Well, OK, it's actually a water rocket that we built using 2 liter pop bottles, and have fun launching with a bicycle pump!



Clown Day at school. thumbnail coming soon

I thought every day was clown day at school!


Jessica takes a field trip to the SF Zoo. thumbnail coming soon

As if they didn't have enough monkeys up there already!


Our adopted dog, Rocky. thumbnail coming soon

In May, we adopted a dog named "Rocky". He was born around Jan 1996, so he is going on six years old. We have a great time throwing the ball for him to chase. He is really fast and agile at chasing that ball down. I'd hate to be a chipmunk with him in hot pursuit! He is mostly Cocker Spaniel, but with something else mixed in - probably Poodle and/or Terrier. This was just after a haircut, so normally his hair is a bit longer!


Can I get outt'a here?! thumbnail coming soon

We were told he was abused as a puppy, and he is definitely not very affectionate which would be consistent. He doesn't want to be held or sit on your lap, and doesn't even seem to like getting petted all that much. Playing ball is his only way of showing affection.



Grandma & Grandpa came for a visit. thumbnail coming soon

The kids love to make silly faces for pictures. OK, who doesn't?!


Goin' for a Helicopter ride. thumbnail coming soon

Jessica celebrated her 8th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, where a good time was had by all!


No visit to CEC would be complete without a generous serving of their gourmet Pizza! thumbnail coming soon

They did take good care of there and made our job (enjoying the party) much easier.


Opening of the Presents. thumbnail coming soon

The kids were climbing over each other to see what Jessica was opening next, and to get to have a turn handing her the next one to open.


Jessica got a pogo stick for her birthday. thumbnail coming soon

At first she got a little frustrated that she couldn't do it right away. But she stuck to it, and then she was hopping 3, 5, 6, and before she knew it, 60 times without stopping!


Fun with magic markers. thumbnail coming soon

Grandpa bought them some really cool magic markers. The kids like 'em too!


Zachary climbing a tree. thumbnail coming soon

More fun than a barrel of Monkeys!


Jessica also loves to climb trees. thumbnail coming soon

Too cool for words.


A shot of the group before Grandma and Grandpa headed back to Michigan. thumbnail coming soon

Zachary really doesn't like having his picture taken that much!


One more group shot. thumbnail coming soon

Nate taking the picture, and Grandpa got Zachary to smile.



Fun at the Children's Discovery Museum. thumbnail coming soon

Jessica's 2nd grade class took a field trip here. This is one of the best places in the area with lots of cool learning activities for kids. The bubble room is always a huge hit! At the time, Nate worked right across the street, so he came over to visit Jessica during lunch for a few minutes.



A little Mosaic art. thumbnail coming soon

Jessica's 2nd grade teacher was impressed with her Mosaic art so she took a picture of it. She must have more patience than I!


Our 2nd annual snow trip. thumbnail coming soon

Yes, we get snow in California too. You just have to drive a ways to see it, which is just alright with me! This is the 2nd year we have rented a place in Strawberry, CA and enjoyed sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, etc...