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My new Trek 5200 road bike. thumbnail [New]

In the above picture, I am test riding the bike in the parking lot at Chain Reaction before I was able to bring it home. Notice, it does not even have the handle bars taped yet. This is kinda' blurry, but I have a better picture that I took (one without that geeky looking guy on it!) which I will post soon. I actually liked the 1999 blue paint job better, but all of the ones for sale were pretty beat up from test rides, so I resigned myself to looking like a Lance wanna-be!

(10/99; 45K)

Since the above photo is so blurry, here is a page with some photos off the Trek web site.

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Lance Armstrong, winner of the 1999 Tour De France, on a Trek bike.

Actually, the USPS Team was riding 1999 Trek 5500 bikes, but for Y2K, Trek moved the paint job down to the 5200 model, since it is their biggest seller. Also, Lance swapped out the wheels, the stem, the pedals, etc... but at least the frame is the same.

(10/99; 84K)

More info about Lance and his organization for Cancer Survivors.

Lance visits the San Francisco Bay Area for a ride.

This is a screen-shot from a chat session on Jan 26 (sponsored by Nike and hosted by Yahoo!) with Lance and some fans. Here are some photos of the Woodside area which Lance was talking about.

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Trek's home page.