The Leon's 2011 Photo Album

Updated: 2011.12.28

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The Christmas portrait. thumbnail

Our annual visit to the Photography Studio.

The Christmas card. thumbnail

It's large!

Peanut patiently (?) waiting to open his stocking. thumbnail

He always knows when there is a rawhide bone waiting for him in his stocking!

Sporting his new antlers. thumbnail

He didn't realize wearing these was part of the deal! Actually, he didn't even mind (notice?) them until after he had devoured the rawhide bone.

Name collage. thumbnail

Nate made a name collage for Jessica using famous landmarks around UCSD campus. He took the photos during our Family Weekend visit.


AYSO thumbnail

Zachary was on the soccer team this year.

Ball handling skillz ... thumbnail

The Team pic thumbnail

Happy Birthday Diane! thumbnail

Nate made her favorite cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting) and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. :-)

FaceTime with Jessica thumbnail

Diane got an iPad for her Birthday, and wasted no time using it to talk to Jessica via FaceTime!

She also got her very own UCSD shirt thumbnail

Jessica is in the Revelle College at UCSD

Happy Thanksgiving! thumbnail

Thanksgiving was at our house this year. Diane prepared an amazing feast as always!


Family Weekend @ UCSD

In October, we all went down to visit Jessica at UCSD, and had a great weekend visiting her. It was the first time Zachary got to see the campus.

The courtyard thumbnail

Jessica has a corner room on the 2nd floor with lots of windows. This is part of the view she has from her window. Notice Zachary trying to escape the photo. :-)

What's in the suitcase? thumbnail

Snacks! thumbnail

Diane brought a suitcase full of snacks to keep her stocked up thru mid-terms.


Unfortunately, Jessica had mid-terms approaching. So we took Zachary on a campus-tour while she did some studying. UCSD has many works of art scattered around the campus. The "sun god" is one of the more well-known.


The sun god is so famous, he even has an inflatable replica!

Birch Acquarium thumbnail

UCSD also has a strong Marine Biology program. Here we are outside the Acquarium down by the coast, less than one mile off the main campus.

Relaxing @ the Beach thumbnail

Well, if you're this close to the beach, why not?!


Diane and Jessica in front of the pier


Diane and Jessica looking back at the cliff. The beach is close enough to walk from campus, but is quite hilly, so luckily for the students, there is also a regular (free) shuttle bus.



The obligatory school picture



Peanut continues to love and amuse us. He doesn't normally sit like this, so it cracked us up, and we caught this pic. He just turned nine this year, so he's getting up there in (dog) years.


Dessert thumbnail

July 4th? I thought you said "Jello For Us"!

Celebrating Zach's BDay thumbnail

Can't go wrong with celebrating a Birthday at Beni Hana!



This year, Diane got us a room at The Spindrift Inn right on Cannery Row in Monterey.


This was anniversary #23 (for those not familiar with Sign Language :)


The bed was quite comfy as you can tell

thumbnail thumbnail

We had a really nice view, over-looking the bay


Senior Ball gown thumbnail

Jessica attended the Senior Ball


The party was a SF bay cruise


Jessica graduated from High School this spring and we had a great celebration of all her hard work!


Diane hung a ginormous banner


Mom & Dad decorated the car for the event.


One of Diane's favorite pics from the whole year


The event was very well documented, so even Nate got in front of a camera or two!


You can see how Zachary has passed her up in height




it's official!


The proud family shot


A great post-graduation shot with all the grand-parents


Grad Gift from Grandma & Grandpa


Next stop, San Diego!

Mexico Trip

Diane and Zachary went back to Mexico to work at the Orphanage again


They extended and painted a fence around a soccer field


They cleaned up a local park


and after a long, hard day of work in the hot sun, they enjoyed the newly cleaned park!


and even took the kids down to the beach one afternoon


Pfeiffer State Beach thumbnail

Relaxing at the beach during our annual Memorial Day camping trip to Big Sur

Big Sur thumbnail

And our annual tree pic at the end of the weekend


18th Birthday for Jessica thumbnail

Celebrating Jessica's 18th Birthday, with a cake sporting her favorite color of Teal.


This month left blank intentionally. :-)


Steve & Rachel visit

At the end of Feb, Steve had a class out our way, so the whole gang came for a week-long visit. We had a great time spending the week with them, and showing them around the area.


A classic San Francisco attraction


At the end of the pier, you can see Alcatraz just over Zachary's shoulder


We walked about 1/3rd of the Golden Gate bridge for some great views and strong winds!


Just North of San Fran, we hiked through the giant Redwood groves of Muir Woods


We also went South to Monterey and Pacific Grove. After playing in the tide-pools here, we had a picnic lunch over-looking the bay, and then spent the afternoon at the acquarium.


We started off the last day in Golden Gate Park, at the Japanese Tea Gardens.


Then we had Sourdough, clam-chowder bread-bowls at Boudin's for lunch over-looking the SF bay, followed by a trip to the Museum of Modern Art, and concluded with a whirl-wind visit to The Exploratorium. It was an exhausting day, but super-fun!


One day, we took it easy, and only visited one major attraction. :-) Here we are in front of The Winchester Mystery House.


swim team thumbnail

Jessica's swam varsity again this year, completing her 4th year on the High School swim team