The Leon's 2006 Photo Album


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Updated: 2007.12.30



The family Christmas picture. thumbnail

Our annual visit to the JC Penny photographer. Peanut had another appointment that day so he wasn't able to make it this year. ;-)



Look out Louis Armstrong. thumbnail

Zachary's school band performed a Christmas concert at the local mall which was pretty cool. This is the 2nd year he has played the trumpet





Thanksgiving dinner at Dave & Jill's house. thumbnail

Nate & Dave are taking pictures, and Elizabeth is in Arizona with friends, but here is the rest of the holiday gang!



Zachary's soccer party. thumbnail

Zachary had a fun time as always in soccer this fall on the Green Sea Serpants team. He turned out to be the team's best goalie so he spent a lot of time defending the net this year.


Zachary at the Lego Mindstorm club. thumbnail

Zachary and Nate joined the Lego Mindstorm club this fall and had a great time building and programming Lego robots before school.





Zachary gets his Webelos badge. thumbnail

This is Zachary's last year in Cub Scouts, and he earned the highest rank of Webelos Scout.



Jessica takes on a new career. thumbnail

Apparently, the 8th grade was not challenging enough, so Jessica started her own law practice, and it is bi-lingual to boot! ;-)





Zachary's 5th grade picture. thumbnail



Jessica's 8th grade picture. thumbnail





Cub Scout Family Camp

This was our second year attending, and we had a blast with our Den/Pack, cooking, playing, and of course, making smores over the campfire! This year the girls bailed, so it was just Zachary and Dad "roughing it" for the weekend.



At camp, they had a Rifle (BB Gun) shooting range, which of course, was a huge hit.


Another fun event was the Rain Gutter Regatta. This is where the boys all make boats, and race them by blowing them down rain gutters full of water. Zachary's boat took 1st in the den, and 2nd place overall. It was definitely a photo-finish!


1st day of school

I couldn't get them together, 'cuz Jessica is starting so much earlier than Zachary now!

They are both "king of the school" right now. Next year, we will have a Freshmen and a Pixie (6th grader at the middle school)


Jessica started 8th grade this year � her last year at the middle school.




Zachary started 5th grade this year, and yes, he really does do all of his own stunts. You can�t tell from the separate pictures, but Zachary is gaining fast on Jessica's height.






The Annual Santa Cruz Trip

It just wouldn't be summer break without visiting our favorite Beach hang-out in Santa Cruz. We think this was our 8th year in a row staying here during the summer break relaxing by the pool, playing on the beach, riding the roller-coasters at The Boardwalk, etc... Nate's parents joined us this year which was a treat.

Goofing around in the pool. thumbnail

They have a nice pool where we stay, so we spend much of the first two days there.


Jessica took this picture of sailboats moored in the fog. thumbnail

Something about this picture - I find it very relaxing. I hope to enlarge/frame it.


Here we are on the Wharf for a yummy dinner.


Zachary's birthday dinner. thumbnail

It's always fun to celebrate your birthday dinner at TGIFridays!



Zachary's birthday party. thumbnail

This year we went to Pump It Up, a party place that had three rooms full of inflatable "jumpy" house type things that you might rent for a birthday party. The guys had a blast, especially when they started inhaling helium and singing "Happy Birthday" sounding like Alvin and The Chipmunks!



Our 18th anniversary. thumbnail

Nate & Diane celebrated their 18th anniversary in Carmel at the Highlands Inn. This is such a nice place, it was our 2nd time there!





Camping at Lake Tahoe

We went to Sugar Pine Point State Park (aka Ed Z'berg) with about 25 other families from our church for the consecutive 2nd year. The kids always had somebody to play with, and of course, there were plenty of activities such as hanging out at the beach, jet-skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, etc...

Zachary fishing...


and Jessica working the net.



Jessica fishing.


This one was a real fighter!



Fish cooking.


This is what the fish looked like a few hours later.



Family jet-ski outing.


This year we rented two jet-skis with four other families for an hour, and took turns.




Water balloon toss. thumbnail

The spring BBQ with the scouts



Zachary vs. The catfish. thumbnail

Zachary and Nate spent a morning fishing at Lake Cunningham - mmmm... good eatin� !





Camping at Big Sur

Playing at the river. thumbnail

Always fun to skip stones and throw large rocks into the river right by our campsite.


Biking fun. thumbnail

This year we got energetic and biked up some pretty good hills.


The requisite campfire. thumbnail

One word: s'mores! (or is that two words?!)


Giant Redwood group shot. thumbnail

Hey, I think it's bigger than all of us combined. ;-)


Our hike up to Pfeiffer Falls. thumbnail

It's a pretty moderate hike, but worth the trip!


The Family Tree? thumbnail

Nah, but our traditional group shot at the end of the weekend.


One word: phew! thumbnail

The campsite is broken down, and all back in the car. Camping on a 3 day weekend is almost like moving to a new house - twice! But it must be worth the effort, 'cuz we keep coming back each year.


Zachary playing the trumpet in the Spring concert. thumbnail

Very nice evening with an outdoor concert!





Jessica's 13th birthday. thumbnail

She had a bunch of friends over and we had a scavenger hunt at the mall.



Pizza party celebration. thumbnail

Frankie, Johnnie, and Luigi�s Pizza � mmmmm...



Dave�s birthday. thumbnail

The group shot after celebrating Dave's Birthday. (Diane's brother)





I guess March is a slow month for us!




Our 5th annual snow trip to Strawberry, CA

Our (almost) annual snow trip. thumbnail

See, it does snow in California!


Jessica hitting the slopes. thumbnail


and Zachary too. thumbnail




Who doesn�t love a good dog show?! thumbnail

Hey everybody, look at me - I can do that too!



Pinewood Derby

The Widow strikes back. thumbnail

This is the 3rd year Zachary has used this design, and continued with the Star Wars theme. :)


The Pinewood Derby. thumbnail

Always an exciting race!


Zachary playing the trumpet at the Winter concert. thumbnail

Zachary continued to play trumpet in the band



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