Peanut is . . . Fun Facts:
We think he is the cutest dog in the neighborhood
a sweet, loveable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who gets lots of attention for being so cute. He was born in 2002, so he still thinks he is a puppy.
Sometimes we call him "nutty"!
Sometimes we say his middle name is "hesosoft-hesocute"
More about Peanut:
He can sit, stand, lie down, stay/come, shake paws, high-five, roll over, and other fun stuff... especially if you have treats!
He likes to lick hands and ears. He also sniffs everything when he goes on walks.  His favorite game is chasing his toy chipmunk which he got at his 1st birthday party. He loves to show us how fast he can run around the living room and dining room, and it really does take two or three of us to catch him!

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He loves to take naps in the sun
Likes: Dislikes:
Cool Links:
- all people
- all dogs
- his leash (for walks)
- long naps in the sun
- treats
- chewing on his rope
- his kennel
- going to the vet

- being left alone
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

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