The Leons - 2003

(Last Updated : 2003.12.22 - 23:00 PST)

Here is The Leon Family photo album for 2003.  Click on any one of the thumbnail pictures for a larger image, and then use your browser's "Back" button to return here.
Awww, what a cute puppie! Awww, what a cute Family! ;-)
Our Christmas Card this year. (28K) The Family Photo taken for the church picture directory. (61K)
Move over Benny Goodman! A Pirate's life for me?!
Jessica's band played a concert for the local mall. (54K) Nicole, Nina, and Jessica in front of the mall tree. (65K)
Yeah, but why do they call it 'fall'? Gooooal...
Jessica and Zachary jump in a pile of leaves. (84K) Zachary joined the Winter Warriors Soccer league. (81K)
can't wait to eat it! don't forget the mistletoe
This is at least the 3rd year we have made a Gingerbread house. (60K) Jessica and Zachary decorating our tree. (60K)
Mary really does look tired! that's a lotta' lights!
Zachary was Joseph in the Christmas Play at church this year - he had lots of lines to learn! (47K) To celebrate Nate's 39th Birthday, we took a ride on The Train Of Lights. (61K) More info here: Niles Canyon Railway
Sorry, no autographs at this time Who me?  Yes you!
Jessica, Sara, and Nicole after the Thanksgiving Show at school. (72K) Zachary with the Order Of The Arrow Scouts. (72K)
Go Cardinal! Ah yes, the good ol' days
Zachary and Joey cheer on Stanford to beat the Cal Bears that day. (63K) We found this picture in an old trunk in the attic - sure looks a lot like our kids! (44K)
Smart kids Turkey Day
All aboard the backrub train! (59K) Enough with the pictures -let's eat! (47K)
she's growin' up fast! Dude!
Jessica's 5th Grade school picture. (18K) Zachary's 2nd Grade picture.  I still can't get used to saying that! (16K)
a bunch of cuties crossing the river on the lily pads
Jessica's friend Nicole gets some Peanut Lovin' (49K) Zachary joined the Cub Scouts this year and has been having a blast! (52K)
Tiger Woods meets Dennis Rodman I prefer the natural look
Now listen up, Golf is a serious sport. (84K) I finished the course in record time! (49K)
a little pre-Halloween workout Chubby Checker would be proud
He's got the whole pumpkin in his hands... (93K) C'mon Baby, let's do The Twist! (76K)
Hi-ya!  Meow? do you dare?
Fortunately, deadly Ninjas won't harm cute kittens! (42K) Go ahead, take a piece of candy - just don't awaken the sleeping head! (30K)
reach out and touch someone
The gang always enjoys seeing the Blue Angels fly. This year, we brought our bikes to beat the traffic. (34K)
mmm.... good eatin' And they call it, Puppy love...
I'm not sure who looks more uncomfortable in this picture... (80K) We got to watch Dixie for a few days. She is a Poodle from the neighborhood, and is Peanut's favorite playmate. (74K)
Green acres or corny picture?
We managed to grow a fine looking specimen of corn this year. The dirt was pretty bad, and we got a late start, but it was tasty! (64K)
Here's to the next 15! dew rag dudette
Nate & Diane celebrate their 15th anniversary at the Monterey Plaza Hotel. We had a nice corner room with balconies on both sides over-looking the bay. (42K) Jessica spends a week at the horse-back riding Girl Scout camp. (56K)
sail boardin' headin' out
Nate tries to get out windsurfing at least two or three times each summer. (64K) Diane has been off the board for about 10 years, but picks it back up. (76K)
nice moves hang ten!
This year the kids got in on the act - check out that turn... (64K) And Zachary really knows how to lean into those turns! (57K)
hover craft The Castle Arrrrrgghh
The pool at Santa Cruz had a strange magnetic force which allowed the kids to walk across the surface. ;-) (67K) Every year we try to build a sand castle to withstand the crashing waves. We haven't succeeded - yet. (80K)
this place is a zoo! Leon!
Under The Boardwalk... you can find Sea Lions taking a nap. (76K) This is Leon that we helped rescue. Actually, we stood by and watched, but the nice rescue ranger asked us to name him. We picked "Leon" since that happens to be Spanish for Lion! (36K)
Yeee haaaaa Back 2 school
We had a great time at The Boardwalk - the kids had so much fun on this coaster, they rode it about 7 or 8 in a row! (100K) The Back To School picture. Is that the face of a guy who loves his big siter, or what?! (29K)
sail away
it's a parade! step right up
Zachary and Jessica lead the 4th of July parade for the neighborhood. (93K) The kids sold some tasty 4th of July punch and made a nice profit! (50K)
can't I just taste it?! string in a can - who'da thought?!
Zachary posing with his Birthday cake. (54K) It wouldn't be a silly party without a bunch of Silly String! (52K)
pool party way cool
Splashin' in the kiddie pool (48K) Zachary is the first one in the family to get a full suspension bike, and is Dad jealous? Noooo... not a bit! (83K)
Weird family
Did I mention this is a silly family? (58K)
hippity hoppity fire up the barbie, mate!
So that's why they call it a Bunny Suit! Jessica and Dad enjoyed a few hours at the Intel Museum. (39K) Dad enjoying the new Father's Day gift. Diane assures me it wasn't a conspiracy to get me to cook dinner! (53K)
swing low... sweet chariot...
The tire swing at Grandma's house was a huge hit. (57K) Everybody waited for a turn. (74K)
cozy! Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...
Nate's Mom made Diane an amazing Quilt for Christmas. (63K) We managed to get about 10 of us on bikes for a ride down to the ice cream store. (81K)
attack of the karate bunny Welcome to my ice cave!
Sarah, Zachary, Jessica, & Hannah at the Detroit Zoo. (69K) Brace yourself Joshua!! (46K)
buds who you callin' a sucka'?
Jessica and Sarah contemplate a giraffe with a sore throat. (124K) Hey, I thought it was supposed to be an "all day" sucker? (37K)
for a three hour tour... after a long day of swimming
Cruisin' up and down the Detroit River on Grandpa MacAfee's boat. (50K) We spent an evening at Uncle John & Aunt Sherry's house in Toledo, OH. (51K)
all aboard!
The best part of the travelling was the tram and the moving sidewalks in the Airport. (47K)
AwanaAwardsJess AwanaAwardsZach
And my Dentist said plaque was a bad thing! (57K) Find the red ribbon hidden in the picture. (72K)
Join us! I just wish I knew what all those black dots were for!
Zachary and Diane enjoying the Hands On The Arts festival in Sunnyvale. (48K) Jessica's Spring band concert. (70K)
looks like trouble! inseparable!
Jessica and the other Musketeers after the Spring show. (71K) Zachary and William after the big bug show. Can you tell they are best buds?! (67K)
hippity hoppity what a haul!
The Easter Bunny was good to us this year, and the "Blo-Pens" were especially a hit. (49K) Our neighborhood had an Egg hunt, and of course, good food! (105K)
the bunny has pretty eyes, too how low can *you* go?
We also had a bunny contest, (69K) and a bunch of fun games! (67K)
this is the life Oh, did I go too far?
A little Easter afternoon relaxin' goin' on! (67K) Peanut can get a little carried away when it comes to gettin' some lovin'! (62K)
Messy But Good Yowza!
Taking a break from the Awana fair to enjoy some sugar on a stick. (45K) We celebrated Jessica's Birthday at Friday's. She's the one with the floating hair. (70K)
Burn rubber! one girl for each pin
Somebody in the neighborhood let Zachary take a spin in his new set of wheels. (50K) Jessica's 10th Birthday party at a bowling alley, in case you couldn't tell. ;-) (55K)
Lookout Olsen twins! weird family!
Sportin' the birthday glasses... (44K) Who invited this guy?! (57K)
group hug... incoming!
We went to San Diego in March when Diane's Dad got married to a wonderful lady named Alice. (60K) Jessica and Zachary were happy to find our hotel had a heated pool. (66K)
rain, rain, go away... love my Manatee
It wasn't the perfect day for SeaWorld, but at least we could relate to the residents! (73K) We ducked in out of the rain for a while to watch the Manatee's and other cool things. (41K)
oh yeah, I can do that so cute!
Of course, the Whale and Dolphin shows were great! (70K) Don't ya just wanna take one home?! (51K)
pretty in pink Operator - get me outt'a here!
It was amazing to see so many Pink Flamingos! (67K) Phone call for you Neo! Just kidding, we didn't take Zachary to see The Matrix. (51K)
Go Cubbies! Nice form!  Going... going....
Zachary played for the Cubs this year. Yeah, we were all disappointed when they didn't make it to the World Series. ;-) (67K) If you look on the left side of the picture, you can see that line drive headin' out! (91K)
clear the tracks! I pledge allegience...
Zachary in an Awana Train. (50K) Jessica and Zachary were picked for color guard duty on a night when I happen to have my camera. (68K)
comin' this way heads up!
Jumpin' off the swings at Portal Park. (59K) That kid can really catch some air! (81K)
sttttrike! on a mission
At a friend's bowling party. (40K) Here we visit a state park, but I can't remember which one. ;-) (59K)
goin' up wait for me
Jessica visits Planet Granite with her Girl Scout Troup. (39K) Zachary visits Planet Granite for a friend's Birthday Party. (40K)
how's the air up there?
The kids seemed to scale that 30 foot wall with ease. (53K)