MacAfee family history

In memory of Helen Lyle Potts, married to Albert Everett MacAfee.

She compiled an amazing family history scrapbook for each of her grand-children.

This was one of the last ones, done in 1988.

I hope to scan these pages properly, but for now, they are just a quick cell-phone photo

Updated: 2017.12.21

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The MacAfee Family


There are many spelling variations of this family name. The clan can be traced back to Colonsay, Scotland.


John MacAfee moved from Ireland to Canada, I would estimate just before 1850...


based on birthdates from his last two children. (William J in 1854 and James in 1859)


James' 10th child was Albert Everett, who was Diane's paternal grandfather. Albert & Helen's first son, James Edwin MacAfee, is Diane's father, as you can see listed here. He just turned 85 this past August.


Diane's dad worked at MacAfee Motors pictured here, and is where he discovered his knack for cars, and all things mechanical. This used car lot was run by his father (Albert), who died at a fairly young age.

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