Jessica was born on 04-26-93 and loves to take walks, 
go to the park, read books, color, make Play-Doh 
things, and chase Mom and Dad around the house.

Updated: 01/11/00

In reverse chronological order...


All new Y2K pictures


The family photo at JC Pennys. thumbnail [New]

(11/15/99; 68K)

The kids pay a visit to the mall Santa. thumbnail [New]

(12/99; 38K)

Her 1999 school picture. thumbnail [New]

(09/99; 27K)

Jessica getting ready to go to Awana. thumbnail [New]

(06/99; 21K)

The kids visit the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. thumbnail [New]

(05/99; 30K)

The kids with the Easter Bunny. thumbnail [New]

(04/99; 49K)

Playing on the beach in Carlsbad. thumbnail [New]

(03/99; 40K)

Playing in the tire swing at Grandma/pa Leon's house. thumbnail [New]

(6/99; 23K)

Jessica and her cousin Sarah as a moose on the loose. thumbnail [New]

(6/99; 33K)


Her 1998 school picture. thumbnail [New]

(09/98; 32K)

Halloween 1998:

(10/98; 48K)

  • hanging out on top of the haystack. thumbnail [New]

    (10/98; 58K)
  • and finally got them herded into a cage thumbnail [New]

    (10/98; 60K)


    Some art samples from School. thumbnail

    (12/17/97; 4K + 6K)

    The official Christmas 97 picture. thumbnail

    (12/7/97; 7K)

    An Early Christmas Present from Grandma and Grandpa. thumbnail

    (11/18/97; 8K)

    Getting ready for Halloween 97! thumbnail

    (10/31/97; 10K + 17K + 14K)

    Playing in the fall leaves. thumbnail

    (10/26/97; 14K)

    Three pictures for Easter. thumbnail

    (3/25/97; 35K + 27K + 31K)


    Playing in the water. thumbnail

    (6/26/96; 14K)

    Kickin' back on the couch. thumbnail

    (6/26/96; 28K)

    Running around the house. thumbnail

    (6/26/96; 18K)

    Goofin around after buying the groceries. thumbnail

    (6/26/96; 42K)


    Jessica sporting her new Christmas sweater.

    (12/26/95; 22K)

    Jessica visits with Santa thumbnail

    (12/10/95; 35K)

    Jessica by the Christmas tree thumbnail

    (12/06/95; 29K)

    Jessica had a great Halloween!

    (11/18/95; 45K)

    Jessica visits DisneyWorld while in Orlando for Lotusphere

    (01/24/95; 36K)

    Jessica shows off her new hat

    (04/26/95; 70K)

    Jessica visits the Oakland zoo

    (05/17/95; 176K)

    Jessica goes cruisin' on her bike

    (08/05/95; 121K)

    A visit to Lover's Point in Monterey thumbnail

    (08/04/95; 15K)

    Hangin' out with Grandma and Grandpa thumbnail

    (08/05/95; 30K)

    Family day at the beach thumbnail

    (08/12/95; 26K)

    Jessica takes bunny camping thumbnail

    (08/13/95; 28K)

    Hangin' out with Mom by the pool thumbnail

    (08/27/95; 15K)

    Jessica working at her table thumbnail

    (09/09/95; 21K)


    Jessica at Christmas 1994

    (12/25/94; 26K) 1